How To Optimize App For Better Ranking In Google Play Store

Developing an app and process to upload it as well as optimize it for achieving best results are important. Below are some of the best ways of optimizing the mobile app for getting best results.

Just like search engine optimization i.e. SEO, which signifies making the content rank high in the search engines, the App-store optimization is a process to improve the visibility of mobile applications in the searches of the Play store. The idea behind ASO is optimizing the mobile application of making the app appear on the top.

Optimising mobile app for a better store search

Searching in the application store is one of the easiest and the most popular way to get discovered and get new downloads or installs. While developing or uploading the application on the Google play store, you need to take care of below-mentioned things for optimizing the mobile application. It will help your app rank better in the Google play store. So when the user will search for an app, he or she would be redirected to your page.

Title of the app- the name that you give to the application may work in positive as well as negative ways in application search box. In case your application title has got right keywords associated with the app, it enhances the chances of being discovered by the users in the search box. Employ the main keyword in application title.

While naming the application, any resemblances with popular applications which are available in the market already need to be avoided. In case a user searches for the app of your business which is similar to some other popular application, then Google may autocorrect that name and suggest the popular app in place of your app.


Strong and short should be a policy that you adopt while giving a description of your application. Describe what exactly your application does. You should not forget to include the social proof like awards or getting covered by the leading media houses. Just a couple of lines will be showing in the description. So, it’s recommended to employ fire words. You should also add your targeted keywords at least 3-4 times in your description.

Significance of videos, screenshots, and graphics

Google application store has a number of apps and there’s a very strong chance that there would be an application which would be quite similar to that of yours. So, it’s quite important that you convert each and every user present in your details and download page for making the users install the application.

Google application store lets the developer show the videos of the application in the details page. With this particular feature, you may showcase distinct features of your application and may convince the users to install your application. Graphics also play a very important role in the App store. From the graphics to app icon used for showcasing application is a very big thing which catches the eyes of the users and makes them being loyal to your application

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