How to Use Rupee Symbol in MS Word? How to type Rupee symbol in my computer?

New Rupee SymbolThe Indian Rupee Symbol was supposed to be chosen from one of the 5 shortlisted candidates. However, according to reports from Indian Express IIT Post Graduate student
D Udaya Kumar’s symbol was recommended by the cabinet as the Indian Rupee symbol.
A new symbol has been designed for Indian Currency “Rupee” and because only a handful of countries have a dedicated symbol for their currency, therefore this is a proud moment for India. India finalized its new currency symbol on 15 July 2010. This symbol is a blend of the Devanagari (Script used to write Hindi, Marathi, and Nepali) alphabet and roman alphabet ‘R‘ without the stem. Though this symbol will soon be seen on the standard keyboards but no official date has been given out by Goverment of India.

Now, all those eager to use this symbol in their official documents (and/or otherwise) can get his symbol to work on Microsoft Word. Foradian Technologies has come up with a font of the new Rupee symbol, installing which will allow you to use this symbol with Microsoft Word.

To get this font on your computer, follow the steps as given below:
Font Download Here

*Install Rupee Font by Copying the Rupee-Font.ttf into C:WindowsFont Folder.
*Open MS Word. *Select Rupee Font From Font List of MS Word. Type ~.

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