Protect your folder or folder lock without any Software

We can protect or lock any folder without any software with few steps

Open notepad and copy the below code and save as lock.bat.You can save also any other default name. At first time start it will create folder with Locker automatically for u. Don’t forget to change your password in the code its shown the place where to Enter your password here.
after creation of Locker folder again click on the will Y then Locker folder will be disappeared.again to get it click on lock.bat. and give ur password u will get the folder again.

If you want create more than 1 folder aur you want to to create a folder from a different name

Go To line 32 and give your default folder name after a space of md its shown the place where to LOCK

If you want to create more than one folder give one space after each folder name.

title Folder Locker
if EXIST "Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}" goto UNLOCK
echo Are you sure u want to Lock the folder(Y/N)
set/p "cho=>"
if %cho%==Y goto LOCK
if %cho%==y goto LOCK
if %cho%==n goto END
if %cho%==N goto END
echo Invalid choice.
ren Locker "Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}"
attrib +h +s "Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}"
echo Folder locked
goto End
echo Enter password to Unlock folder
set/p "pass=>"
if NOT %pass%==Enter your password here goto FAIL
attrib -h -s "Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}"
ren "Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}" Locker
echo Folder Unlocked successfully
goto End
echo Invalid password
goto end
md Lock
echo Locker created successfully
goto End

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