Why Search Engine Rankings of Your Website Are Lower?

So your website is ready with full of products and decent design but you are not getting enough traffic on your website and your website does not show in first pages in search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. We all know that search engines are the most important sources of traffic for almost every website. Every search engine has its algorithm to automate ranking for each website and every website admin must follow these guidelines for getting better visibility in search engines. In this post, I am providing you some key website design rules, which may be missing in your site.

Uniform Page Layouts are Missing

If you are using several templates for designing various web pages of your business site, then it is certain that you are irritating your site visitors. Visitors might doubt if they are visiting the same site and moved from the site because of confusion. Keep in mind, a consistent page layout not only keeps users away from the website but also it’s not a good sign of branding. Therefore, don’t ignore uniform of the website and give best with the help of experts designers.

Sitemap Lacking

One of the most crucial parts of any website is Sitemaps because they are the biggest viewers of the search engine robots. Sitemaps of your site helps the robots and spider leading to the website and after that making them to be aware of regarding how much your website is organized. It will boost its search engine ranking in search engines by making it more visible to spiders.

Missing HTML Tags

Your HTML code could be another big reason behind dropping your site rankings. It may be not compliant with modern W3.org web standards as well as your code is not visible by the robots or spiders sent out by the major search engines. Therefore, you need to be ensured to make compliant codes as well as see if the codes are well-matched with various browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, etc.

Website Overload with Plugins

WordPress plugins and many other scripted programs can add a great functionality to your business site, but if you plenty, then they can slow considerably. The search engines first prioritize is website speed as a ranking factor, add only a few if you really want your SERPs rankings high.

Meta Tags Are Non-Effective

If the title of your site is not describable with missing Meta tags, then it is definitely showing in the last pages of web search. It is true that keywords and phrases are vital, but ensures that title should be matching with the content descriptors and of course keywords of the website.

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