Auto update your twitter account when you update your wordpress blog

You can update your twitter account update automatically when you update your wordpress blog. It is possible with the help of Tweet-this Plugin.

This plugin can also tweet new blog posts automatically, if you provide
your Twitter credentials in the options. Then a “Send to Twitter” checkbox
appears when writing a new post, along with a text box so you can change the
tweet text for that specific blog post. As of 1.6.1, auto-tweeting works for
scheduled posts and the tweet will be delayed till the post is published.

== Installation ==

  • Upload the `tweet-this` folder to `/wp-content/plugins/`.
  • If you’re using WordPress MU and want this plugin active for all blogs,
    move `tweet-this.php` to `/wp-content/mu-plugins/` at this point.
  • Else, activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  • Tweet This icons should automatically appear on every post and page!
    Go to Settings > Tweet This to change stuff.
  • Optionally, delete readme.txt and the screenshots folder to save space.

Download Plugin Here

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